Every thursday morning at 8:00 o'clock a.m., italian time, we have an english program, that is the translation of a religious service made by our minister, brother De Luca
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The Origin of the Universe - Revelation that God gave to pastor De Luca

   11th september 2001 has been a very important day for the whole world. All that happened, with the collapse of the twin towers, fixed the beginning of a new historical moment for everybody.

But, spiritually, this beginning started on 9th september 2001, when the Lord, during a religious service, through the mouth of his anointed, brother De Luca, announced to his small church:"a new age starts from today!"

Two days after, these words have been repeated all over the world by newspapers and televisions; but two days before, the Lord had revealed them to us, showing us that it was really a very important day, because, materially it fixed the passage to a new historical moment and spiritually it signed the beginning of a new period, the final period, during which the Lord is preparing his people with messages, revelations, new teachings that will fashion and mould his people, so that they can reign with Christ for one thousand years on earth.

This is the new age: the beginning of the final period, during which the whole people of God must become "one flock" teached by "one shepherd", guided by the Holy Spirit.

So, when Christ will return on earth, He will find a prepared church.

That's why we broadcast the religious services of the new age, that are teachings religious services for all of us, so that "he who has ears to hear, let him hear!"

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